Game Designer

Game Design (Brighton-UK)

Summary and Purpose

As a Content/Events Designer at BossAlien, you will work hand in hand with the rest of game design, product management, and creative leadership to build engaging live events that bring people back to the game day after day, week after week, and month after month.

We are seeking a capable implementer and designer who enjoys crafting multifaceted game experiences out of your toolbox, and know how to re-assemble those parts into many different and exciting challenges that will delight players.

You are a storyteller who looks for ways to express narrative outside of simple dialogue or cutscenes, finding ways to bolster arcs through gameplay, events, and environment.

Finally, you have a love and admiration for the Star Wars universe, and embrace the chance to make your mark and tell your story within one of the most beloved and storied franchises of all time.

This role reports to the Design Director.


  • Create player engagement by crafting exciting live events in partnership with engineers and product managers that delight players.
  • Create short and long term player activities, such as one-off challenges, multi-part events, seasonal themes and arcs, and more.
  • Work with writers and other designers to create content that advances the narrative of the game.
  • Partner with art to implement new cosmetic content and other customizations for characters.


  • Experience in crafting game content or events for a live or regularly updated game.
  • Familiarity working with economy and meta designers, as well as product managers, on rewards and reward cadences.