Our Internship Programs 2024

3rd January 2024

Our 2024 Internships are now LIVE! 

Explore our internship opportunities and how they are crafted to support and nurture those at entry level towards success. At NaturalMotion Games, we not only offer valuable hands-on experience but also a range of enticing perks that make our internships truly unforgettable. What we offer:

  • An Immersive Learning Environment 

We believe in fostering an environment where creativity thrives and every team member feels a sense of belonging. Our interns gain access to cutting-edge technology, working alongside industry experts. 

  • Networking Opportunities

Our internships allow students the opportunity to interact with different teams and professionals, allowing interns to collaborate and share ideas from different disciplines.

  • Mentorship

Mentorship is key to success and our interns benefit from one-on-one mentorship with experienced professionals. Our interns will receive advice and feedback throughout their time with us, which will work towards enhancing their skills. 

  • Competitive Compensation and Perks: 

Our internship programs offer a competitive salary, alongside several benefits, such as private medical and dental insurance, life insurance, paid holiday and public holidays, fitness reimbursement plans, free weekly lunches, weekly happy hours and well-stocked kitchen pantries.

Let’s take a look at some of our current interns and their experiences so far: 

Lotta (Product Management Intern) – “I’m having an incredible time working as a Product Management Intern for NaturalMotion this year. I’ve met so many wonderful people who have welcomed and supported me, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with them as a valued team member. There have been countless exciting opportunities that have been great for both my professional and personal growth. I’m extremely grateful for the skills and connections I’ve formed whilst working here and I can’t wait to carry these forward in my future career.” 

Lotta and Harvey at the NaturalMotion Games office, celebrating their first week as employees. 

Harvey (Production Intern): “As a Production Intern I act as a “Gatekeeper of Time,” and I get to facilitate and work with real teams, real features, and real responsibilities. I have a real impact on an AAA title that has an amazing, welcoming culture and a super supportive team. It’s an incredible opportunity that I will never forget and it’s a game that I love! To my NaturalMotion family; you’re the best!”

Harvey has recently participated in the Puppy Yoga afternoon which was run by our NAZ (Neurodiversity at Zynga) group. 

Jean (UI Artist Intern): “The role provides a range of opportunities for practicing existing skills and learning new skills, it helps connect the knowledge from university with the real-life context and understand how the skills can be fully utilised in the workplace. The people I have met are very supportive and patient, they allow you to take your step to blend into the environment and pick up the new skills. There is also a lot of social activity to help me stay connected with people and do fun things with them! This internship has not only helped me come out of my comfort zone but it has also helped me achieve things I would never think about at university level. It gives me a new vision of working and learning! ‘Great artist steals’ – Here I meet a lot of talented artists for me to ‘steal’ from, and being exposed in a professional environment sharpens my sense and way of thinking. In short, the experience here has been lovely and impressive, it is the best workplace to join!

Lotta and Jean took part in our Annual WAZ (Women at Zynga) Summer event which was a boat cruise along the Thames. 

Our annual 12-month Internship positions are only open to those currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree (suitable for those studying a Sandwich degrees) and returning to full-time education after completing their internship. 

Join us in crafting success stories. Elevate your career with NaturalMotion Games, where entry-level is a step towards a rewarding future. 

Apply now through our website – https://naturalmotion.com/university/